Tuesday, March 10, 2009

luSt lovE seX

Here is another one of my women/beauty pieces. I hope that when women look at these series, that they aren't being offended but just reminded how beautiful the female body is and how man really accepts and appreciates this gift that GOD has given us. 

When I shot this, I was really pushing for shock value but yet keep it clean and classy. And also try to incorporate some type of theme and meaning instead of just putting up some crotch shots. Looking at this reminds me of the "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil" series everyone has seen. Well, just for the record, that's NOT where this came from. I think sometimes people get these three words mixed up into them all meaning or leading up to the same thing.

LUST: to me, is just a want type of feeling. There really isn't a major feeling for that person other than the physical.

LOVE: to me, is everlasting. It is beyond the physical. It is admiring the personality, characteristics, and appreciation that this person mirrors for you.

SEX: to me, quick. It is a thing for the moment. It doesn't last past the urge of the moment which in-turn becomes nothing but a satisfaction for the flesh.

In conclusion. All three of these words are faceless. You can share either one of these with anybody and make each one of these mean just what you want them to mean.

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