Friday, March 27, 2009

I AM MUSIC TOUR starring Lil Wayne

I know I'm almost a week late on the subject but i have a very busy schedule so you'll have to excuse me. 

My personal view on the concert was that I was surprisingly entertained. Due to the fact that I have a twin brother that works at Universal Motown, he kind of gave me a heads up on what to expect. I do feel that T-Pain could have been given a bigger set to work on. He has just about as many hits as Lil Wayne so it wouldn't have hurt. 

I missed the first two acts which were Gym Class Heros and Keri Hilson but Keri came back on stage during Wayne's set so I got to see a piece of her in action. She was still sexy as she is on TV. Overall, Lil Wayne still kept up to his superstar status and gave a great show. I have never seen a Cash Money concert before so I really don't know how much he has grown as an artist but I can say that it was a VERY well plained out show with plenty of highs and lows of excitement.

If the show ever comes to your hood, check it out!!!

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