Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I was hoping around on the internet for some ideas as to how I wanted to design my bedroom. I am really into the "Simple" look. I just wanted to share some of my vision.

I was looking at some old MTV crib photos from around the early 2000's and one the houses that stood out from the regular high priced, Bently parked, and 2 mile long swimming pool was Joseph Khan's house. Now granted when you look at the pics, it looks like he lives a very lonely life. I like it because of the design of the house, the space and how simple and clean it looks. 

I already got some of the look knocked out already. My editing room looks just like his except my screens are hella bigger and thinner. These other photos are just what moves me and an example of what I'm looking for for my place. 

I not only do art, I live it!

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