Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Dream ft. Kanye West - Walking on the Moon Video Shoot DAY 2

Things are moving along. Today I shot with Chris "C. Diddy" Harris and Mia. I am so glad that I paired these two up because their chemistry was great. We shot like almost an hour and a half worth of material. I had already worked with C. Diddy before when we did the ICE video so he wasn't a problem at all. He came in, I gave him his direction, and the man just ran with it. Mia was more than eager to do her thing. She was like an energizer bunny. She is a professional dancer (I mean like Debbie Allen) so when it came time to moving, it was on. We shot for close to seven hours which included a lot of play time and joking but at the end of it, I was pleased with the end clips. Great job people. 

Note: Photos by Nubia at Nubia Creative Images

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