Thursday, November 18, 2010

i AM a music visual

Here is the final piece to "i AM" a music visual.
After showing some of my friends the final piece in a personal private pre-screening, some of the responses I've received have been.....

Friend one.
It looks as though the blue particles are in a relationship in the beginning and here comes the yellow as a distraction to the relationship and the red is the ending of the relationship that wipes everything out.

Friend two is a diver
The blue particles looks like the air she is breathing and the yellow are fish behind her that she can't see and the red is danger that eliminates everything in it's way.

I kind of agree with the first friend. When I was making this visual, I just wanted to show my interpretation of the music I saw in my head and share it with everybody. When looking at the piece now, I do see a good relationship that becomes tainted with distraction and eventually becomes extinct. It's sad but beautiful at the same time. Don't you just love art? :D

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  1. awesome! for some reason it reminds me of the documentary THE COVE.